AIES Inside Salesman Jeff Bourquin Goes to Ohio for GE Training

AIES is committed to not only giving customers the best quality electrical supplies, but also educating our team on the products you need.

Two weeks ago we sent one of our inside salesmen, Jeff Bourquin, to General Electric training, which took place in Nela Park in Cleveland, Ohio.

We have a wide range of GE parts and accessories in stock, and having our staff knowledgeable in the company’s latest offerings is important to us.

“The purpose of my trip was to learn more about the function and purpose of GE electrical parts, such as panelboards, breakers, transformers, overloads and relays,” Jeff said. “I was especially interested in GE’s panelboards because they are the most crucial to our clients’ projects.


GE’s Immersion™ RV60 LED lighting system

“Taking this class now gives me more insight on GE’s industrial products,” he added. “I will now be able to serve the customer with more speed and accuracy in those fields. The most interesting thing for me to learn was the functionality of these products and how crucial they are in the electrical industry.”

Jeff also had the chance to check out the social scene in Cleveland. Some of the places he visited were The Winking Lizard and Tap City. He capped off his trip with a drive to Columbus to watch one of his favorite hockey teams, the Blue Jackets, play.

“The only way a business grows is with training,” AIES owner Alex Vaysberg said. “Jeff has been in inside sales for a year now. He’s trustworthy and has attention to detail.

“Jeff has the potential to be great,” he added. “So we need to invest in his education and training.”

Three Fun Facts about Jeff


1. He’s played ice hockey for five years, and was even on the same team as fellow AIES inside salesman Nick Abbott. He currently plays forward for the Coyotes in Redwood City.
2. Jeff’s favorite NHL teams are the San Jose Sharks and Columbus Blue Jackets.
3. He’s played the drums since he was 13 years old. “My band currently does not have a name,” he says. “We are in the process of naming ourselves as well as recording our first ever demo, which will most likely be out the beginning of next year.”