AIES LED Rebate Program

Thirty-three percent of what a small business owner spends on energy is spent on lighting. Now is the time to switch to an energy- AND cost-efficient lighting solution. All Industrial Electric Supply is working with PG&E to encourage business owners to install LED lamps in their offices and warehouses.

PG&E is eager to have business owners like yourself switch to green lighting — and as an incentive it will pay rebates for Energy Star-qualified LED replacement lamp installations. Funding for this program is limited, so act now! The AIES team will work with you to select high quality lamps that also meet the requirements for utility rebates.

Our program is simple:

1. Contact an AIES sales representative.
2. We’ll connect you with a lighting consultant to select and install lamps best suited for your workspace.
3. You submit an online application for your LED rebate.
4. PG&E conducts a post-installation inspection.
5. PG&E pays you a rebate based on the number of lamps the inspector found at the site.

LED lamps are affordable and have lower energy costs when combined with PG&E rebates. For more information, contact us today.