AIES LED Specialist Michael Hoexter Attends Lightfair International

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 3.13.10 PMAll Industrial Electric Supply’s lighting specialist, Michael Hoexter, spent a week in NYC last month to attend Lightfair International, the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference. “Lightfair is the largest industry trade show, nationally,” said Michael, “maybe internationally. It draws not only a lot of people from North America but around the world.”

Michael has been All Industrial’s go-to guru for LED lighting, so he wanted to attend Lightfair and learn more about exciting developments in the industry — as well as rub shoulders with our manufacturers. “Many of the major manufacturers we carry were there, like GE and Philips,” he said. “Also Terralux, Luxul Tech, Green Creative, Meteor, Soraa, B-K … some of the smaller manufacturers we do business with. I wanted to check out their booths.

“We often deal with them through representatives,” he explained, “so I wanted to meet people from the factory and the manufacturer’s own staff. I also often don’t have the time to really look at all of the features of new products that are being specified by architects, and Lightfair was a great opportunity to do so. I got a chance to actually see the range of products that the specifiers are interested in.”


Michael also had the chance to listen to last year’s Nobel Prize winner in Physics. “There was a speech by an inventor of the blue LED, Shuji Nakamura” Michael said. “He talked about the history of his work, what led him to his Nobel Prize-winning work, and the history of LEDs.

“Nakamura is also one of the founders of Soraa, which manufactures high-quality LED lamps and is based in Fremont. Their lamps use a quarter of energy and produce superior light as compared to halogen lamps. Their products have a very high CRI, and our customers are interested in them for residential, commercial and retail spaces. One of our customers just ordered Soraa for his yoga studio.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 2.08.18 PM

After Lightfair ended Michael had a chance to spend time with his family. He’s originally from New Jersey and doesn’t get a chance to see them very often, so he was pleased to go to a lighting conference on the East Coast. “I dance tango, so I did that while I was in New York,” he said. “I also hung out with family and treated my mother on Mother’s Day.”

For more information on the best LED lighting for your business, contact Michael at or 650-270-4302.