AIES Sponsors NASA Championships winner Daniel Akhrometsey

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January 23, 2015
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AIES Sponsors NASA Championships winner Daniel Akhrometsey


We’re proud to sponsor Red Star Racing driver Daniel Akhrometsev, who won the GTS5 division of the ninth annual NASA Championships at Sonoma Raceway!


Daniel left his competitors in the dust in his BMW M3. “There was a lot of traffic,” he said, “especially in the middle of the race when we caught the Honda traffic. I didn’t want to overdrive it.

“I am proud of my performance,” he added. “The car ran good, although it was a little slippery at the end. I ran the race at 90 percent, just to make sure I didn’t make a mistake.”

red star car

To catch Daniel and the Red Star Racing team in action, watch footage of the championships below.

You can also follow him on the official Red Star Racing Facebook page.

Congratulations, Daniel!

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