AIES Thanks Inside Salesman Nick Abbott for 10 Years of Service



On October 4th All Industrial Electric Supply inside salesman Nick Abbott celebrated 10 years with the company.

When asked to sum up the past 10 years, he simply said, “It felt like 20.”

AIES owner Alex Vaysberg first hired Nick as a driver at the recommendation of Steve Miranda of Ellco Electric. “It’s a funny story,” Alex recalled. “Steve had recommended a different individual. I thought he’d recommended Nick, who had worked with him at Malibu Grand Prix.”

He met Nick at a Starbucks in Belmont and hired him on the spot. “Later I learned Steve had recommended someone else. But I hired Nick anyway.”

Not a lot of salespeople can say they started their careers in the warehouse, but Nick’s humble beginnings have given him a 360-degree perspective on the business. “I did all the will calls,” he explained, “boxed everything and drove shipments to UPS.”



The early days: A younger Nick drinks with fellow inside salesman Dillon Krouse.

His hard work led to Alex promoting him to inside sales within three years. “Nick’s very ambitious, intelligent, and competitive,” Alex said. “Not just against other people — he wants to do better for himself. All of those traits make for a good salesperson.”

Moving Nick to sales proved to be a wise investment for the company. For a year he trained under inside sales lead Craig Kehne, and even though they butted heads they eventually developed a mutual respect for one another. “He’s so fast,” Craig said. “I would make lists of things for him to do, thinking he’d be occupied for the whole week. He’d finish in hours and ask for more work!

“He can process tons of orders in an hour,” he added, “and he has a good knowledge base. He’s taken over the distribution stuff, and he’s become the backbone of inside sales.”

Nick takes a selfie with Covanta purchaser Moses Leite during the 2014 Covanta Charitable Golf Outing on Sept. 19th.

Nick also became popular among his customers due to his dedication and hard work. “I think Nick would agree that business started slower than first anticipated,” said Covanta purchaser Moses Leite. “We were hesitant to use a vendor in California when we had local distributors in Massachusetts that could service us.

“But after Nick coming through on a couple test orders I quickly realized that he is up to the challenge and is fully dedicated to getting us what we need in a timely manner. He has helped us out in critical matters at 3 a.m. and got us a part we needed that day to get the boiler up and running. He’s substituted cheaper options where he sees fit to make me look good and produce a cost savings.”

Nick is confident in his work ethic — especially when compared to All Industrial’s competitors. “I don’t half-ass my work,” he said. “I’m not the over-promise, under-deliver type. I get work done fast and set a standard for myself.

“If a customer decides to look elsewhere,” he said, “he’ll discover a noticeable difference between working with me and someone else.”

Hanging out with the AIES team.

Alex believes Nick’s greatest strength could have been his weakness. “He thinks he can work better than anyone else,” Alex pointed out. “I have some of that in me as well. Sometimes it gets you ahead, and sometimes it stalls you a bit. But his ambition and attitude have taken him far.

“Nick, it was really amazing I was able to put up with you for 10 years,” he said. “But you make it worthwhile.”

Nick and Alex


Three Fun Facts About Nick

1. Nick plays left wing for Pacific Hockey Association team Pork Chop Express.

2. He and his wife own a pit bull named Linus.

3. His favorite band is The Dillinger Escape Plan.