RAB and Dialight LED Fixtures

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RAB and Dialight LED Fixtures

Published on Mar 5, 2014

A 2002 study found that increasing the light level from 300 lux to 2000 lux can raise productivity by 15 percent in the metalwork industry.

If you’re interested in optimizing the lighting in your workspace, check out All Industrial Electric Supply for RAB and Dialight LED fixtures.

RAB Future Flood 18W LED Fixture
* Ultra efficient LED and optical design
* Replaces 70W MH floodlights
* 100,000 hour life based on LM-80 tests
* NEMA type – 7H x 6V
* Air-flow technology heatsink
* 5-year warranty

Dialight DuroSite LED High Bay HBGC4P
* 14,500 initial fixture lumens
* AIES offers Dialight fixtures in multiple lumen outputs — 14,000 up through 26,500 lumens
* 161 wattage
* 90 lumens per watt
* 5 year full performance warranty standard
*L70 rated for over 100,000 hours @ 25°C ambient
* Up to 101lm/W
* Significant energy savings
* Instant on/off
* Maintenance free
* Mercury free
* No UV or IR
* Produces minimal heat compared to traditional fixtures
* Reflector based optics for precise light control
* Resistant to shock and vibration
* Temperature compensation technology for long life
* Copper free aluminum
* Typical payback in less than 2 years

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