Q&A with All Industrial’s new sales analyst, Raymond Ng!

rayAll Industrial Electric Supply recently added to our growing family with the addition of Sales Analyst Raymond Ng. I sat down with Raymond to discuss his background and his first days with the AIES team.

How would you describe your role at All Industrial?

I play a key role in finding trends in what our sales guys are doing. Seeing if business is going up or down. Making sure we’re making money, not losing money.

Did you do sales analysis prior to joining AIES?

I was at a company called Bio-Rad. I was an account manager and also supporting the regional managers to make sure business was going on as usual. I would raise the red flag if I saw any abnormalities with our numbers. I would try to fix things and determine how we come up with the result.

What traits do you think are essential in your role?

Being very detailed-oriented. Being able to recognize trends, perform root cause analysis, and know what to look for in reports.

Being patient. It’s good to look away every now and then, because your eyes get tired after a while.

What has All Industrial been like for you so far?

So far there’s been a lot to take in. I’ve been doing a lot. It’s like a big jigsaw puzzle here, putting everything together. I’m training with management and our salespeople to better understand our projects.

How do we compare to your old workplace?

I really like it. I used to work in corporate, where we had to dress up, where we were micromanaged. I took care of big accounts and handled it with care but someone was always behind me, breathing down my neck. It’s more relaxed here. I like this environment way better.

Are you a Bay Area native?

I grew up in Oakland, lived in Hayward for a few years, and currently live in Alameda.

What do you like to do when you’re not crunching numbers and building spreadsheets?


I like to travel, bike ride, motorcycle ride and play with cars. Just do my daily errands and spend time with my family and friends.

I got into a bike accident two and a half years ago. Tweaked my back and neck. I started doing a lot of physical therapy with a friend of mine, who is a chiropractor.