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shipping & returns

Questions & Answers

What is your return policy?
– All stock items can be returned anytime.
– Special ordered products are subject to the vendor’s return policies.
When will my order be shipped?

Orders ship the same day or the next day unless requested otherwise.


Questions & Answers

Which of the major power distribution companies can you source?

Eaton, GE/ABB, and Siemens.

Can you source products from suppliers that you are not franchised for?

Yes, we are always willing to be creative in trying to source what our customers need.

What is your ability and success rate in sourcing obsolete products?

We have a never say “no” approach to finding hard-to-find products. We have an extensive network of suppliers that deal with old and obsolete products to source from.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes, and we do it regularly to job sites around the world.

customer & sales support

Questions & Answers

How much industry experience does your Customer Service and Inside Sales Support team have?

Our sales and support teams have decades of experience. Many have been in this industry for their entire career.

I need to place an order for my customer, but do not want them to know where it shipped from, can you ship blind?

Yes, we can ship with no paperwork or you can provide paperwork for us to include with the material.

Can you send someone to my site for help with projects?

Yes, we have reps that will be more than happy to meet with you on-site. We service the greater SF Bay Area in California.

I really do not know what I need, can you source it from a picture?

Yes, in fact, a photo is often all we need to source the products you are looking for.

Why should I work with All Industrial Electric Supply?

At All Industrial Electric Supply, we are serious about our mission. We focus on what our people and customers need to simplify their work.