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From procurement to installation our team ensures a smooth project no matter how challenging the job. Take a look at our 4 step process!

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Project Design and Drawing Takeoffs

Design build projects
  • With our knowledge of local codes, NEC, and utility requirements, we identify and resolve any issues we see. 
  1. Our experts provide design suggestions from in-house expertise. 
  2. For the more complex designs, we bring in manufacturers reps for added support.
  3. The value of a job walk is often critical. We take the time to make sure there are no surprises. 
  • We then provide layout suggestions.
  • Finally, we discuss the budget and provide assistance to make sure there are no cost overruns.
Takeoff for pre-specified projects
  • Identify equipment needed for the project.
  1. Without plans – When the concept is not complete, we will work with email descriptions and phone calls to develop the bill of material that meets the project requirements.
  2. With plans – We thoroughly review the plans and specs and will often suggest alternatives for money savings and code compliance.
Bill of Material
  • Finally, we generate a Bill of Material and review it with you to ensure design intent.

Project Quotation

Identify suppliers for BOM
  • Our extensive network of manufacturer partners gives us the ability to develop a Bill of Material that precisely meets the needs of your project. We will provide custom solutions when needed.
  • Based on special requirements and budgetary constraints, we will offer Value Engineered options.
Generate pricing/send RFQs
  • Our quotations are developed in-house without help from our manufacturers. This provides a quotation in a fraction of the time compared to others.
Deliver quotation to customer
  • Our quotations are always delivered in a professional and easy-to-understand format. 
  • Exceptions and clarifications will always be clearly stated and complete.
  • Based on project timeline constraints, we will offer delivery and logistic options.

Project Order Management

Upon receipt of the PO
  • A customer acknowledgment is provided.
  • We complete an internal review of the project for accuracy.
  • Depending on the size or unique intricacies we will suggest a project kick-off meeting with all stakeholders, including the customer and manufacturer partners.Some of the topics include: 
      1. Discuss any special terms of the PO 
      2. Discuss submittal timeline 
      3. Discuss delivery timeline 
      4. Discuss any delivery logistics issues 
      5. Milestones 
      6. Project Performance Incentives 
    Submit for approval/record
    • Print drawings from vendor bid tools. 
    • Receive drawings from the vendor. 
    • Assemble submittals and send them to the customer. 
    • Revise and resubmit as needed until approved. 
    • Release order per customer instructions.
    Enter purchase orders
    • Verify lead times and release to coordinate delivery based on the project timeline. We manage release dates based on project requirements.
    Monitor shipping schedule
    • Obtain ship dates and proactively notify customer.
    1. Verify that schedules meet customer needs.
    2. Work to improve, if needed.
    • Monitor dates regularly for any changes and advise customer as soon as possible.
    • Provide tracking info to customers as it becomes available. 
    • For larger projects create shipment/tracking log and update weekly.
    We manage all logistic requirements
    • Storage when the field is not ready for delivery.
    • Lift gate trucks when there is no forklift on site.
    • Special timing of deliveries.
    Start up services?
    • When there are startup services required, we track that and coordinate with the job site for timing and schedule to meet the project timeline.

    Project Closeout

    Confirm Invoicing
    • Our project management system guarantees that all invoicing is complete, accurate, and provided in a timely manner.
    Based on the project requirements, we provide:
    • O&M manual 
    • Warranty info 
    • As Built drawings
    Project Team Review
    • As part of our systems improvement process we conduct an internal review of larger projects. 
    • Any improvement needs are documented and implemented for future projects.